Bert Bedrosian, Chairman

Bert is a well known CEO, inventor and serial entrepreneur. Mr. Bedrosian currently operates businesses in six continents with his footprint resulting in distribution of his products and technologies in over 200 countries. Bert is known for his creativity, leadership, business acumen and his surfeit patents and inventions. These patents and inventions have contributed to advancements in cardiovascular procedure outcomes, telephony and geocoding technologies as well as security and digital patents that have made peoples lives safer and more efficient.

Bert has also been responsible for the inception and growth of multiple well known global brands going back decades and currently enjoys partnerships with some of the worlds largest and most innovative companies. Most recently, Bert’s patents and technologies are at the core of cardiovascular advancements projected to positively effect the outcomes of over a million patients throughout the world over the next decade through a global license with one of the worlds largest medical device manufacturers.

Bert is also the Chairman and CEO of Global OTT Solutions, as well as Chairman of Strong Eagle Media.

Robin Klassen

Robin is a highly experienced CFO, manager and leader. Robin is known for her twenty five plus years experience in the financial structure and management of surfeit international business concerns.

Tracy Rizik

Tracy has twenty five plus years experience managing operations for multi-national companies and organizations. At Bedrosian Global, Tracy oversees the daily operations and management of the company’s diversified holdings.